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Best Pest Control Stuart Fl Has To Offer!

Bugzinga Pest Control, Inc provides Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Stuart, Jupiter, Port St Lucie and the Treasure Coast.

We utilize a 5 step pest control process that eliminates ants, roaches and rodents and keeps them away. This 5 step process means the highest level of quality service.

We’ll put your pest problems to rest, once and for all! And with our satisfaction guarantee and affordable rates, there’s no risk.

We’re happy to offer same day and weekend appointments that work around your schedule and can provide you with a free inspection.

Give us a call today, 772-631-5962, and one of our pest control experts will evaluate your situation and provide you with an estimate.

Call Today and Get Your Second Service Free!

Pest Removal Stuart, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce

  • Ridding your home or business of ants is often not as easy as using a store-bought remedy. Most home remedies are great at killing the ants you can see, but barely do more than that. If serious ant control measures aren't taken at the first sign of infestation, ants can become a real problem very...

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  • One of the sights that every homeowner or business owner hates most is to see a cockroach scurrying around their kitchen or store. Cockroaches are disgusting, they can damage structures, and spread disease. Plus where there's one cockroach there are almost always more, maybe even thousands more. Cockroaches are shy and avoid places where people can...

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  • Whether you're a business owner, homeowner, or apartment renter, rodent infestation is equally disturbing. The presence of rodents is unnerving and dangerous. Rodents can leave bacteria infested droppings in the crevices of your home, they can ruin the wood and other structures, even chewing through electrical wiring causing fire hazards. You can avoid illness, damage, legal issues,...

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  • Bed Bugs are Parasites Did you know that bed bugs are parasites and not just creepy-crawly bugs? Bed bugs actually feed on human blood by attaching themselves to your skin with a tiny, nose-like tube. Once the bed bug inserts this tube under your skin, the bug injects a substance into the "bite" so that your...

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  • Bees, wasps and hornets play an important role in the ecosystem but as any homeowner knows, they can be a major problem in and around the house. Their stings are painful and dangerous and they can be quite an aggressive nuisance. Property damage is also a very real threat with any Bee, Wasp, or...

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